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Feb 18

The benefits of exercise for the elderly are many and far exceed its risks (eg, falls, torn ligaments, pulled muscles). Benefits include: • Reduced mortality rates, even for smokers and the obese • Pr
Nov 4

Four of five persons over age 65 have one or more chronic disorders. This helps explain why elderly patients consume more drugs than any other age-group. Although elderly adults represent only 12
Jul 18, 2018

The following principles help in caring for older adults: 1. Many disorders are multifactorial in origin and are best managed by multifactorial interventions. 2. Diseases often present atypically. 3.
Mar 31, 2017

Approche interdisciplinaire de la prise en charge des maladies et des handicaps, de la promotion de la santé et de la prévention des maladies chez les personnes âgées, qui implique la gérontologie
Oct 27, 2017

Select the one best response. An 80-year-old male with mild Alzheimer’s disease has been started on donepezil 5 mg after he continued to have difficulty in financial matters and keeping track of the d

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